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Make some Waves Mermaids are for Real!

Yeah, it’s official we have started recruiting for our Mermaid gang. We’re kicking off July with a Mermaid theme party! When deciding on this theme, we thought of what a little girl would want for her Mermaid birthday party. What colors would she love, what desserts would she find Mer-mazing, and what just screamed let me be a mermaid forever! Then it just clicked!!! I had to channel my inner little girl. Growing up my parents couldn’t afford to throw a party like this one, if they bought me cake from the local super market I was beyond excited! So to be able to create this party theme for my inner little girl and the rest of those little girls who's parents couldn't afford a party like this one growing up became my mission.

With that, this celebration features some whimsically fun decorations from Meri Meri, an array of Mer-mazing desserts each uniquely different filled with mermaid tails, a verity of candy and lots of frosting! Just like any little girl would want including myself. Let's also not forget very tasty because as kids who remembers not liking a variety of desserts because they weren't sweet enough. We wanted our inner little girl to be the coolest fish in the sea so we created for her a stunning desserts table and around it we had a beautiful balloon-adorned backdrop that will have her and the rest of her guest holding on to their mermaid tails. We also created her space to be inviting and fun to make you want to be a part of this mermaid gang party. We used a beautiful floral arrangement, filled the table up with the cutest flatware from Sophistiplate and shell, and mermaid plates in all of the sea. We brought it all back to make our birthday girl and her guests feel special by creating their own place cards from broken stained glass purchased at Hobby Lobby and adding a couple of our tasty custom sugar cookies and cupcakes. So, there you have it Make some Waves because Mermaids are Real and their coming!

This Mer-mazing party will have you Forever wanting to be a mermaid and we couldn’t have done it without the help of :

Photography: Ernestoolivaresphotography / Design & Planning: Eventsocietys / Florals: Eventsocietys / Sprinkles: Fancysprinkles / Balloons: up_up_intheair / Plates: merimeriparty/ Flatware: sophistiplate/ Desserts: Sugarcrushsweets.

Eventsocietys certainty knows how to make this party and any little mermaid make a splash!

Pannacotta Dessert Cups

They say mermaids love to sprinkle sparkles wherever they go and fancysprinkles does too!

Eclairs Creampuffs

Aren't these Mer-mazing! We at SugarcrushSweets love detailing our desserts.

Macaroons and Cupcake Cones

Eclairs Creampuffs

Can we just come back to this pic and agree that this balloon installment by up_up_intheair will have you holding on to your Mermaid tail?

Cupcakes, Pannacotta, and Sugarcookies

Eventsocietys does it again with this sweet floral arrangement.

Cupcakes and Sugarcookies

How Mer-mazing are these plates and thingamabobs from merimeriparty and sophistiplate?

Cookie cake and Cupcakes

Macaroons, Candy, Flowers,

A closer look of our cookie cake.

Cookiecake, Macaroons, Candy, Eclairs,

Make waves for our cookie cakes.

Mermaids keep on splashing!

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