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Dessert Menu 


Cookie Cake 

Starting at $110 ea. letter/number

Special Shapes Starting at $150 each 

size: 12-15" H 

2-layer cookie cake with mascarpone 

buttercream filling topped with seasonal fruit, macarons, 

sugar cookies, chocolate gems, candy, fresh flowers, etc.

(toppings may vary according to theme, color, season) 




Macaron Tower

Medium size (3-4 dozen) $150

Celebration Cakes

Layers of delicious cake and buttercream designed topped 

with garnishes of your choice  

(3-layer cake): 

Price varies, please contact us


cake flavors:classic vanilla bean, red velvet, carrot cake, strawberry

cheesecake, classic chocolate, chocolate chip, birthday cake, coconut, 

lemon raspberry, cookies and cream, peanut butter, chocolate raspberry.

GARNISHES you may choose from:

fresh flowers, ganache, meringue, French macarons, gold/silver leaf



Meringue Kisses 

$6/dz *2 dozen minimum

milk, white, or dark chocolate dipped, chocolate dipped with nuts, 

Fruit Tarts 

$5 each 

Strawberry, Triple berry, Raspberry and strawberry

Mini Dessert Cups  

starting at $3.50 each

3oz layered desert cup in following flavors:

panna cotta, salted caramel panna cotta, non-baked cheesecake, strawberries and cream, 

tiramisu, lemon mousse, chocolate mousse, berry trifle, arroz con leche

Sugar Cookies 

starting at $3.50 each​


starting at $3.50 each


vanilla bean, vanilla sprinkles, strawberry white chocolate, cookies and cream, red

velvet, coconut, lemon raspberry, salted caramel



 Regular Alfajores


*custom shapes available 

Mini Alfajores




Baked buttermilk cake

starting at mini $2 regular $2.50

Donut Tower 


approximately 40 mini donuts

Mini Cupcakes

starting at $24/ dozen *2 dozen minimum

vanilla bean, vanilla sprinkles, strawberry white chocolate, cookies and cream, red

velvet, coconut, lemon raspberry, salted caramel

Regular Cupcakes

starting at $32/dozen 1dozen minimum

vanilla bean, marble, red velvet, chocolate raspberry,

confetti, lemon raspberry, coconut

Cupcake Cones

start at

mini $5 each

regular size cones $8


starting at $16/ dozen


Madeleine Tower

Medium size (3-4 dozen) $110

Small size (2-3 dozen) $95

Chocolate Gems


with gold/silver leaf

All chocolate, Oreo, Nutter butter  


Mini Bundt Cakes

 powdered sugar $24/dozen

Dipped in chocolate + sprinkles $32/dozen​


mini 3.5" starting at $3.50 each

full 8" - $32

Baked Cheesecake

3.5" starting at $5 each

full 9" - $45  

Salted Caramel Brownie Trifle

Small (40 oz.) - $32

Large ( 80 oz. ) - $48

comes in a clear plastic trifle container - yours to keep!

 3 oz. dessert cups - $3.50


$16/dozen dulce de leche, strawberry, apricot

Cookies + Bars 

starting at $1.25 ea.

chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies,

pecan bars, lemon bars, brownie squares

Raspberry Cream Cheese 

Coffee Cake 4"

$5 each

Custom Desserts 

(additional cost)

The options are endless! We can hand paint your logo, a phrase, 

or any name of your choosing directly onto many of our sweets. 

Choose the colors and/or theme and brand your desserts.

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