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Mother-daughter duo, Micaela Murguia ( Mrs. Sugar Crush ) and Diana Murguia have transformed their passion for baking and designing into something pretty sweet ( pun intended) ! 


Meet The Team

Diana Murguia

Growing up I remember the smell of my mamas upside down pineapple cake, it scented our entire home. When I take a bite of that moist spongy cake It definitely brings back warm fuzzy feelings. As long as I can remember my mom has been an amazing baker, testing the latest recipes from any given magazine or book with pretty pictures. She would say, "I can make that!" Sure enough a couple days later she was making it. Got to love her tenacity! Guess I get it from my mama!! Most mornings you'll find my mama reading her cookbooks, her favorite baking magazines, or watching how-to YouTube videos. My mom and I are unquestionable BFFs, so starting a business together seemed natural for both us. 

 - Diana Murguia

Micaela Murguia

Both my parents were amazing cooks,my fondest memories was watching them both talk, laugh, and just enjoy each others company while preparing our food. Maybe this is why I find such comfort and happiness in the kitchen. I definitely find passion in the process and love in all the thing I make, even those stubborn recipes attempted countless times with no success ( those macrons really had me going for a while!). I will say that the best part of Sugar Crush has to be the bond Diana and I share, her passion for design and attention to detail are simply like no other ( I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother- OK maybe just slightly ), I like to make thing the old fashion way, everything from scratch. I believe this combination has really made us unique and has set us apart. 

- Micaela Murguia 

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